Donna Miller

Cook County Commissioner - 6th District

Howard Brookins, Jr.
Alderman of the 21st Ward - City of Chicago

Various Judges from:

  • Appellate Court
  • Circuit Court
  • Sub-Circuit

A Few of Len Gar Media's Winning Clients 


  • Local Government
  • Judge
  • State Representative
  • State Senate
  • Water Reclamation
  • Other Public Offices 

Let Len Gar Media Consultants 
Be your Path to Victory! 
  • We provide an understanding that a need exists, and the ways in which Len Gar Media Consultants  (LGMC) will help meet those needs. Also, we ensure these messages are not offensive or dismissive of any members of the community.

  • LGMC clearly communicates the intellectual facts, emotional excitement,
    and wisdom to the targeted communities. 

  • LGMC arranges the purchase of TV and Radio Spots, TV and radio appearances and print media copy for distribution. We design a social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Periscope, Blogs) strategy to garner public and media attention, highlighting the progressive work of the client.

  • LGMC drafts all Media Alerts and Press Releases for public distribution
    ​only upon final approval of the client.

  • LGMC provides feedback for growth and relationship building.

  • LGMC engages all of its community, grassroots organizations, social justice organizations, political, philanthropic, media, and data base relationships to achieve the goals of raising the Brand Awareness.

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