L2 Productions, Inc., birthed out of a need to meet and exceed expectations as the launch of a nonprofit organization was taking place, is a formal partnership between Jeri L. Wright of J-Lynne Consulting and Michael L. Peery of Len Gar Media Consultant Group.

L2 Productions is an integrated organization with specialized capabilities in organizational development, media, technological and live event planning, awareness building campaigns, and production. We are an aggressive, strategic, energetic firm with very strong community ties, particularly focused on the African American, Hispanic, and young urban consumer markets. Our unique capabilities are exemplified where social justice, education, community engagement, and media intersect. Our mission is to design, create, and establish a unique holistic organizational excellence production that meets the needs of the client. We pride ourselves on developing a multi-level approach to bring our clients’ visions to fruition. 

Collectively, our firm takes pride in over 30 years of experience in the fields of awareness building campaigns, community engagement, education, leadership training and development, live event planning
​and productions, media and marketing, media productions, and organizational development. We have been the catalyst for a number of successful development processes, campaigns, productions, and growth, meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

We create strategies that enable our clients to meet and exceed their fundraising goals, staying within or below projected expense budgets, and present their vision with the utmost elegance and excellence.