LGMC defines and advances excellence in community/public affairs. For our clients we implement a community/public affairs communications plan to support their brand. During this process we:

  • identify key indicators of excellence in the community, state organizations, local schools, etc.
  • identify potential goals for achieving excellence in community engagement
  • locate where the client is now relative to their vision and what is supporting/hindering the various constituencies in achieving excellence 
  • address how best to make progress toward sustained excellence in community engagement through appropriate programs, networks, relationships, and structures

LGMC will also coordinate media inquiries, image requests, interview requests, media and publicity photo shoots, and press activities, assist with developing communications plans, and coordinate client information programs, etc. We will organize and coordinate print and broadcast media interviews, and oversee all arrangements with the media involving client activities.

We also craft unique but universal messages for various stakeholders.

public relations

LGMC will create and promote a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between the client/organization and their audience. We use the news or business press to carry positive stories about our clients and their products/services; cultivating a good relationship with press representatives.



We identify, select, and develop client awareness/messaging. We also develop and implement a promotional strategy customized for our client's needs.


LGMC creatively and strategically captures significant moments that depict the essence of the client and client engagement, events, and programs.