Congresswoman Robin Kelly

​​​​Len Gar Media Consultants (LGMC)  is a leading integrated marketing, public relations, and crisis management firm with specialized capabilities: segmented marketing, brand development, media relations, community/public affairs, and event planning. We are an aggressive, strategic, energetic firm with very strong community ties, particularly focused on the African American, Hispanic, and young urban consumer markets. Our unique capabilities are exemplified when religion, business - both profit and non-profit - community, and media intersect. We pride ourselves on developing multi-level, campaign-style approaches to help our clients achieve their goals. 

Congresswoman Maxine Waters

Howard Hewitt and Chante Moore

We have contributed to the success of a number of high-profile brands, companies, people, and organizations, notably:

  • ​The National Medical Association

  • ​The National Bar Association

  • The Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference

  • The Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.
        and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition

  • The Chicago Urban League

  • Chicago State University

  • Howard Brown Health

  • Near North Health (a Northwestern Hospital Affiliate)

  • R & B Singer Chante Moore

  • Political Candidates and Politicians

We have a strategic business partnership with The Gemini Group, which has aligned LGMC to provide Media Services for Midwest Gaming, the Chicago Black Hawks, the 2016 World Series Champions Chicago Cubs, Illinois Beverage Association, and the Illinois Association of Medicaid Health Plans.

Len Gar Media Consultants create strategies that enable our clients to have individual conversations with their mass target markets. We help our clients navigate change, protect reputations, endure crises, build images, grow businesses,
​and beat competitors.

Angela Bassett

Regina Belle

Clerk of the Circuit Court Dorothy Brown

There is a distinct difference in the way communities speak and respond to a variety of languages and marketing messages verses the general market. When approaching this market (the community), it is imperative to acknowledge their differences by speaking their language, avoiding communication barriers and loss of message. If you do not speak French, you would not deliver a speech in France without a translator; nor would you deliver a speech in Japanese to a Spanish speaking audience.

Provide an understanding that a need exists, and the ways in which Len Gar Media Consultants (LGMC) will help meet those needs. Also, ensure these messages are not offensive or dismissive of any members of the community.

  • Clearly communicate the intellectual facts, emotional excitement, and wisdom to the targeted communities.
  • Arrange TV and Radio appearances and print media copy for distribution. We design a social media (Facebook, Twitter, InstaGram, Snapchat, YouTube, Periscope, Blogs) strategy to garner public and media attention, highlighting the progressive work of the client.
  • LGMC drafts all Media Alerts and Press Releases for public distribution only upon final approval of the client.
  • LGMC provides feedback for growth and relationship building.
  • LGMC engages all of its community, grassroots organizations, social justice organizations, political, philanthropic, media, and data base relationships to achieve the goals of raising the Brand Awareness.

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